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    Covid 19: Tips and Tricks of the Trade Called Life

    In 2020, life became a trade for us all. It’s a trade to stay positive from all the negatives. We tried exchanging the negatives from life to have something light on our hearts and stay content with each day. COVID-19 has been challenging, but we have been more challenging. 

    We had to choose each to make this trade or not to stay sane because that’s what was tested each day. All we saw were negatives, but it’s time now to see the brighter side around us. 

    It’s to remind yourself that it’s not as bad until you make it for yourself, so to stay lighter and brighter, here are a few TIPS that you can tip on. 

    1. Social Distancing, Not Self-distancing 

    Social distancing is a norm we followed this year. Self-distancing is a norm that we have followed through all these years. It’s time to reduce the gap between you and the self you lost amidst all the work and responsibilities you had. 

    It’s time to read, write, paint or scribble and become a Picasso of your own. Let that inner painter, dancer, actor, or poet all come alive. Take time to take care of yourself. Personal care of yourself, relaxation, meditation, and quality time with family promote overall wellness.

    1. Celebrate, Celebrate, And Celebrate!

    Not every year does one get an opportunity to celebrate every festival. This year was special. We got ample of it to celebrate every festival that we have been doing for years. I would recommend you celebrate every festival that comes on the calendar irrespective of whether you have ever done that before or it isn’t a festival you, your family, or your community celebrates. It’s time to do it now. 

    1. Maintain a Gratitude Journal.

    Having an attitude, be it good or bad, is easy; having gratitude in life is complicated. You can try this out of curiosity; maintain a journal. A journal to track your act of being grateful towards life and the people who make it easy for you. Record that one act of being appreciative of anyone or anything that helped you ever. 

    One could try maintaining a journal or a mood tracker instead. And if you don’t like the idea of a mood journal, you could swing it away. Could we then call it a mood swing? 

    1. Raise Your Bars? No, Bills.

    This might sound absurd in the first place, but you could try. Make a list of all the people you know or have known for all these years and call them up. One call a day. Have a fun chat over anything and everything. It will help you know what has been up in people’s lives that you lost touch with. This could be a way to add happiness and value to someone else’s life. 

    1. Clean Up – Maybe? 

    We think it’s time to implement all the right habits and manners we learned in our nursery books. Let’s call out the Monica (A reference from the TV show – FRIENDS) inside us and get started. Start by making your bed each day?

    A lot of things and habits are new. And we are at the nascent stage of this new normal. So, keeping yourself motivated and festive is the need of the hour. It definitely can be harsh on days that are difficult to pass but not impossible. It’s easier said than done but stick around strong because today is tough, tomorrow is more challenging, but we will rise above all. 

    5 Ways to Solidify Customer Relationships During COVID

    Recently, we discussed why COVID-19 is not enough reason for poor customer experience. In that same discussion, we discussed how you can actually scale customer service like a pro to improve the customer experience for your customers.

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