Training and Development: Key to Success in the BPO Sector

    Bring Reforms in Management, Coaching & Development with Virtual Agent Management Software

     As newer technologies are being developed to handle day to day operations effortlessly, a time might come where work-from-home would become the new normal.

    Top Secrets of CEOs to Help the Companies Reach their Goals

    We know how challenging it is to run our own company, reach targets and achieve the goals. The founders come up with unique ideas for their companies. But running the company, factorizing the capital, and optimizing resources require a different set of skills. That is where CEOs come to the rescue. They need to soak up the founder's ideas, rules, and regulations and then execute and operate the company accordingly. It is challenging to set their vision for the company and follow the founders' vision and culture. It is tough working towards our dream, but the struggle increases on a whole other level when working for someone else's dream.

    13 Reasons Why Managing Remote Call Center Agents Is Challenging During COVID-19

    Without a doubt, COVID-19 is the black swan, and the world is currently trying to figure a way out. Embracing the new normal was not easy for several organizations, and thus many sectors were severely affected by this pandemic. 

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