Innovative Reforms in Customer Experience to Pave the Road Post-Pandemic

    Delivering Customer Experience in the Face of the Coronavirus Outbreak

    Tough times demand tough measures.

    Five Working from Home Tips for Remote Call Center Agents

    COVID-19 happened, and now we have more call center agents working from home now than ever before. It’s been a double-edged sword so far.

    2021 Customer Experience Trends: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Contact Center

    2020 will go down as one heck of a year, and for obvious reasons.

    5 Fun Facts About Working in a Call Center That Will Blow Your Mind

    What comes into your mind when you see a job listing for a call center agent?

    Setting Up Benchmarks and KPIs for a Successful Contact Centre

    Why Companies Are Outsourcing Their Customer Services

    Customer service outsourcing companies are the next big thing when it comes to customer support. These companies understand the business world and know that their service is key to the existence of a business since the customer is the backbone and bedrock of every business. It turns out that outsourcing to a reputable contact center company leads to a stronger business and happier customers. Going through this article, you will understand why companies are outsourcing their customer services to customer service outsourcing company.

    Maintaining Business Resilience in the Face of a Pandemic

    According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, businesses across the world are scrambling for workers to help attend to and filter out customer calls during this pandemic.

    Challenges of Remote Call Center Training in the Era of Covid-19

    As the world stepped indoors in the face of the COVID pandemic, new doors to digital platforms flew wide open. Several new digital start-ups emerged as numerous brick and mortar organizations collapsed.

    COVID-19 and the Insurance Industry: Rising Above the Crisis

    COVID-19 disrupted most business sectors -yes!

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