Virtual Agent Management Software to Bring Reforms in Management, Coaching and Development During COVID19 Era

    Oct 29, 2020 3:22:00 PM Armando Castro - Executive Vice President | Chief Diversity Officer

    Coaching and Development

    The pandemic of COVID-19 has forced people to remain indoors. However, several organizations have come up with innovative ways to keep their business up and running. As newer technologies are being developed to handle day to day operations effortlessly, a time might come where work-from-home would become the new normal.


    One of the significant setbacks of working from our house's comfort is the efficient management, coaching and development of our workforces. As very few managers are accustomed to instructing and leading their teams remotely, most of the organizations took a brutal hit.


    During these dark times, an innovative technology named Virtual Agent Management Software became the knight in shining armor for several organizations. Virtual Agent Management Software is a coaching tool designed by call center experts to meet several challenges faced by several organizations, including call centers. This innovative application is designed specially to deliver customer experience to enterprises with unparalleled visibility to their coaching process.


    This application helps the organizations quickly deploy and manage all coaching interactions and observe their agents' performance. It also helps to deliver the right training, at the right time and ensures that your coaching is having a material impact on your company’s KPIs and performance. Virtual Agent Management Software works immaculately irrespective of the size of the operations, locations, or technology used.


    Here are the features that several clients found most valuable:


    • Virtual Agent Management Software is hosted securely in the cloud. Hence, massive integration or deployments to use the application is not necessary.


    • As the application is web-based, organizations can work from all around the globe. Working from the same location is not a compulsion.


    • Virtual Agent Management Software features different icons that are based on a navigation system that allows the user to navigate to the information swiftly and easily as needed.


    • The application also features a performance dashboard that allows the organizations to view the program performance over the quarter or a shorter time frame.


    • This web-based application also enables the enterprises to monitor performance against KPIs and targets by filtering the entire site or directing individual team members.


    • Virtual Agent Management Software enables the user to view and compare options for KPIs individually or collectively. This feature helps to see where performance is strong and where improvement is required.


    • The unique coaching function is the main feature of the tool, which provides users the ability to create forms and search and report on coaching status by an employee, coach, date range, and more.


    Virtual Agent Management Software is the benchmark for transparency, efficiency, and management of the process that makes the difference for all the organizations, their customers, and their staff.   


    It is not easy to find a suitable application that would suit perfectly for the set of operations shifted recently on the digital platforms. However, this application is versatile and compatible with small, medium, and large organizations.


    Taking investment decisions during this pandemic could be challenging, and without proper guidance, even the best innovative technologies would be rendered useless.


    If you are looking to set up a highly efficient and optimized management system for your organization, email me at or call me 1(513) 510 0604. We can help you overcome the challenges of managing remote employees. It's the small decisions like this that determine the future of any company.


    Armando Castro - Executive Vice President | Chief Diversity Officer

    Written by Armando Castro - Executive Vice President | Chief Diversity Officer

    Experienced Business Process Outsourcing Executive with 25 + years progressive experience building, Growing and leading global call center operations and 10+ years building, developing and leading high-performing recruitment teams in hyper-growth environments. Passion for creating and innovating full-cycle recruitment processes in sourcing, marketing, assessment, candidate experience and onboarding across multiple locations and functional divisions globally. Email: Phone Number: 1(513) 510 0604

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