Improve Your Customers' Communication & Interaction with these 7 Catch Phrases

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    customer service catchphrases

    Knowing what to say when you have to say it can be really nice especially when you’re customer support personnel interacting with a customer.

    Not only will this enhance your replies but it will also bring consistency into your job and make it seem a whole lot easier. Below, we discuss some of these catchphrases that should be at your fingertips so you can deploy them right when the need arises.


    1. I’ll be happy to help.

    As a customer support personnel, I always end my messages with something like ‘do let me know if there is any lingering concern, I’ll be more than happy to help’.

    Somehow, I found this to be very good in the sense that it either ends the interaction after the customer has been satisfied or gives room for any more help the client may need.


    2. As much as I’d like to help…

    The truth is there will be those times when customers would either make unrealistic demands or one you may not be able to help with at the moment. You’ll need to turn down those rejections but that should even be done very nicely.

    ‘As much as I’d like to help, your request is beyond what we are able to handle at the moment’ is far better than ‘NO! We can’t handle that request.


    3. Nice to meet you!

    Catchphrases such as ‘nice to meet you’, and ‘great to meet you’, may seem very short and simple but they wield a lot of power. Friendly tones of voice like these will go a long way in helping engage customers better.


    4. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Not many people will detail their experience with a bug while using your system.

    So, when you find someone who does, you have to appreciate them. Thanks for bringing this to our attention or thanks for the heads up will go a long way to show you appreciate their effort and time in calling your attention to these important issues.


    5. I totally understand why you’d want that…

    This is more like the last phrase we just discussed. This can be of great help when a customer has made a demand that cannot be met at the moment. Phrases like these are a less stinging way of saying no.


    6. I’ve passed this across to our team.

    Today’s customers want to be heard and in charge. It makes much more sense to allow them.

    Even when their demands are beyond what could be met at the moment, just reassuring them that their opinion counts and that they are being listened to can make so much difference. Let them know that even though their demands may not be met right now, their message has been sent to those in authority for consideration.


    7. Thank you for choosing us!

    ‘Thank you for banking with us’, ‘thank you for choosing ………..’, those words never get outdated.

    Customer support professionals are in a good position to appreciate customers for choosing the company. This may seem all too simple but it thus helps to foster the business-customer relationship.

    These words are not magical but they’ll no doubt improve your communication and interaction with customers. They’ll help you convey your words in a consistently delightful manner in a way that will help your customer support efforts yield better results.


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