Important Things Your Customers Would Like You to Know

    Oct 14, 2021 5:02:52 PM One Contact Center Customer Experience, customer support, customer satisfaction

    Customers Satisfaction

    Understanding your customers will help you tailor your service to meet their growing expectations. While there’s no general blueprint to understanding customer behavior and expectations. Researchers in the field of social psychology have proved very helpful in this regard. Check out some of the revelations that have been uncovered with these studies. 

    Good service is better than fast service.

    Nobody loves waiting till eternity to get their problems resolved but more customers prioritize the value of a good service over speedy and rushed services. 

    Studies have shown that customers are still more likely to pardon slow service than they would for rushed, rude, and seemingly incompetent service.

    Customers value personalized services more.

    Customers love being appreciated and valued and personalizing your services is a great way to get them to feel valued. This is especially great for small businesses that can easily get to know their customers. A study has revealed that your customers are more likely to remember you if you remember their name.

    Customers love pleasant surprises.

    The best things happen unexpectedly. If you want to delight your customers, only a few things are as effective as giving them pleasant surprises they didn’t expect. Going the extra mile works and it’s most effective when it’s not expected.

    Customer goodwill doesn’t have to be expensive

    It’s always a great thing to show random acts of kindness and appreciation to clients but this does not have to cost your small business an arm and leg. The most effective strategies are often attributed to the act and not the cost.

    Customers relate better to brand stories

    Sales copies are still very effective but brand stories such as case studies are some of the most effective writings that can spur prospects into action. This is perhaps because of the potential of stories being able to transport our minds into the stories so we can relate to it.

    Customers are your biggest source of inspiration

    You should view your customers as the core part of the solution rather than as the problem you’re trying to deal with. They are a great source of innovation and ideas that can have meaningful and lasting business impacts. 

    Customers prioritize time/memories over money

    Any company can offer cheap and inexpensive products and services. Customers, however, prefer the feeling of their time being well-spent rather than about how much money they are able to save. 

    Bottom Line

    Excellent customer service will greatly boost your business in different aspects from client retention to lead generation, customer acquisition, as well as business revenue and the bottom line. On the other hand, you can’t get away with delivering poor services; your customers will hate this but your competitors won’t think twice to take advantage of this. 

    Up here are the most important things your customers would like you to know. And as it turns out, factoring these into your service delivery and business strategies will prove very beneficial for your business success.

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