Fun Moments that Happen in a Work from Home Set-Up or Meeting

    Mar 12, 2021 4:12:41 PM One Contact Center Fun Blog, Blogs, Work from Home

    Fun Working from Home

    Currently, most talented professionals have been working remotely for about a year. But even if you have successfully adapted to the "new routine," working from home can sometimes be lonely and stressful. On the bright side, and it might be funny.

    From technical injuries to misbehaving pets, there are features of remote control that often bring easy entertainment. So, if you need a comedy break, here are four homework moments that will give you a laugh.

    Meetings Online

    Aside from being an independent entrepreneur and working in one team, daily communication with partners is an important part of your professional reality. If so, you may have experienced video conferencing while telecommunicating in isolation, and there are a few memorable online numbers you can understand. After all, your conference moments in the office are not at all like online meetings where you can sit comfortably in your bed and wear nothing but underwear or a nightgown while not being visible to your team. In this case, a problem may arise only if your supervisor wants to see you and asks you to keep the camera on.

    WFH Looks

    Continuing with the theme of the long-sleeved work record, nothing stops you now from trying to look at your dream and become the queen in your home office. However, what is more important, more important than feeling comfortable while working through your nine to five mundane job?

    Continuous Fighting with Distractions

    In the office, it is easy to stay focused on work, but working from home, you may need to put forth an extra effort to avoid distractions. In the life of every member of the family, these distractions often have only one word - children. It is the sincere wish of all parents working at home while surrounded by their children to have peace. However, when there is important work to be done and the deadline is approaching, the average person will not be patient enough to deal with their little kids. Therefore, new parents have the most difficult time working from home.

    Technological Glitches

    The introduction of the work from home concept also opened the doors to several technological mishaps. Not-so-tech savvy managers or as the term “boomers” coined righteous for them, had to give up on their old traditional ways of holding meetings in the conference room and shift to zoom meetings. During such meetings, technical glitches like getting a filter on their faces or keeping the audio on mute and still rambling could come across as funny instances in several organizations.

    Break Time

    Finally, let's talk about the popular side of the job - the break. We believe that vacation days are as important as the work itself, and there is nothing wrong with taking care of temporary leave from time to time. But what about the holidays? Sad but true, if you have planned a spring vacation this year, the closest thing you can now do to have that much-anticipated experience will probably look really funny.

    Well, let's just hope that everything will be back to normal soon. But until then, stay home, stay safe and enjoy browsing WFH memes.




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