Four Significant Ways AI Can Boost Contact Center Operations

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    It’s the stuff that was once common in sci-fi movies but the concept of AI is now so powerful that you’ll find it almost everywhere. If your contact center has not applied this in one way or the other, be rest assured it’s coming sooner or later.

    While the hype about AI has made it harder to separate what’s true from what’s not, we’ll briefly highlight four different ways AI can revolutionize contact center operations for any agency.


    1.  Automation of Repetitive Contact Center Services

    HubSpot says the average call center agent handles up to 50 calls a day.

    Many of these calls often involve requests for information. This, as well as several other aspects of contact center operations often require manual entries and interactions, some of which can be successfully automated.

    No contact center agent will be happy asking customers the same questions every time they interact. Things like this that are repetitive in nature can be automated to reduce the burden for both the customer and the agent while significantly boosting contact center efficiency.


    2.  Chatbots Handling Common Questions and Customer Interactions

    It’s intriguing that many people often think about robots at the mention of AI.

    Chatbots are a great example in this regard although they are significantly different from movie depictions of robotic machines doing superhuman feats with artificial intelligence.

    In one of our recent posts on how to deliver customer service in a timely fashion, we stressed the importance of investing in self-service. Many customers would try to resolve issues by themselves before resorting to customer support. A chatbot can be very useful in this regard, in helping customers solve commonly experienced problems.


    3.  Real-time Monitoring

    Monitoring conversations after interactions make sense but with AI, it can also be possible to monitor these interactions as they happen. This can be particularly beneficial when training new call center agents making it easier to correct improper actions or habits before they stick.

    Regular review of call logs is often done to correct mistakes and improve agent efficiency.

    Artificial intelligence can make this even faster as the interactions occur. Not only can this help to improve the quality of interactions but it can also help agents get much better as they are able to take corrective actions without letting this become bigger problems over time.


    4.  Analysis of Large Data Sets

    Big data analytics in the contact center can help organizations extract meaningful insights and discover hidden patterns from large data sets. While dealing with a voluminous set of data can be ridiculously tough for the average contact center agent, analyzing big data with AI-based applications could help make this significantly easier. Whether you’re trying to analyze the past seven years’ call records to draw a trend map or dealing with any other kind of huge data set, AI can help with analysis so you can get accurate results faster and more efficiently.



    The applications of AI in customer service are virtually unlimited.

    While this technology was once thought of as competing with human resources in the contact center, this perception has changed over time, as it has become glaring that AI is best harnessed when used to augment human resources in the workplace. The adoption continues to expand and savvy contact centers like here at One Contact Center are leveraging this to improve contact center efficiency across the organization.

    One Contact Center 

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    If you’re keen on boosting your customer experience with reliable support services, please, contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to help.


    One Contact Center

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