Effective Ways to Appreciate  Your Customers Beyond ‘Thank You’

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    Thank you Customers

    If you’re in the customer service business which I believe everyone actually is in, you probably wouldn’t miss the best opportunities to show gratitude to the customers who are the lifeblood of your business. If you’re looking for quirky and memorable ways to do this, this blog post will show you 10 amazing ways to appreciate your customers beyond ‘Thank You’.

    1. Going the Extra Length

    We’ve heard of beautiful customer service stories told by customers who have been wowed or delighted by a customer service experience that was way out of the ordinary. You can try this too. If you’re lucky, such customers, their friends, acquaintances, or social media may help tell your story.

    2. Making Personal Notes Still Work

    This old-school method has been proven time and again to have great impacts when it comes to showing appreciation. People like receiving real mails and your effort will most likely be appreciated. You should, however, try to make it as personal and specific as possible.

    3. Helping Customers Learn New Things

    A great way to make your customers feel grateful to you is to help them learn new things. One ingenious way to do this can be by organizing events related to how they can maximize your products or services or even using the blog sections of your website to provide valuable and educative resources.

    4. Starting a Loyalty Program

    If you want your customers to feel special and valued, try starting a loyalty program for the most loyal of them. These can be simple VIP rewards programs that may involve giving these customers a discount on special occasions.

    5. Spending Time with Your Customer

    This is most suitable for remote online businesses that hardly get to meet their clients physically. You can organize meetups occasionally for lucky customers to meet and interact with team members. This can boost loyalty greatly.

    6. Putting Customers in the Spotlight

    You can call out your customer on Twitter or other social media platforms. You can also feature them on your business website. You have to be sincere however so they can have a true sense of pride and value in dealing with your business.

    7. Charitable Gifts Can Have Great Impacts Too

    You can easily select some of your most valued customers to make a charitable donation in their name. You may even choose a more creative and memorable way to do this. Your customers will appreciate it!

    8. Distributing Goodies or Do a Giveaway

    Buttons, flowers, coffee, or other goodies will be appreciated by many customers. This makes sense most when you have an actual business location.

    9. Organizing In-store Events

    You can organize in-store events after business hours and invite some of your most loyal customers. Most people usually appreciate being invited to an invitation-only event. If you’re able to make significant money from the event, you can take things further by donating a part of this to charity.

    10. Making Customer Service the Best It Can Be

    You don’t need any prophet to tell you the importance of excellent customer service in showing your customers how much you value them and how far you can go to have their issues and problems resolved. However, it’s always important to keep excelling at this.

    It’s important to always show appreciation and gratitude to your customer at every available opportunity. This makes sense since they are the core of your business. The customer service team should also not be forgotten in the aftermath. They also have to be appreciated and kept happy. This will also impact their relationships, interactions, and services to customers.

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