Delivering Customer Service During a Pandemic

    May 1, 2020 1:12:15 PM Rennilyn Flores

    Delivering customer service in the face of a pandemic of the nature of COVID-19 can be quite challenging. But regardless of the challenge, businesses (those still in operation) need to put everything in place to forge good customer relationships as well as address their customers’ acute needs.

    The coronavirus is already forcing a large number of workers to work from home.

    Here at One Contact Center, although our staff members now work from home, we have managed to find a way to keep our teams engaged. While these measures are aimed at keeping our staff and clients safe, we still remain fully operational.

    Importance of Customer Support in a Pandemic

    The coronavirus pandemic is not an enough excuse to neglect your customers during this time.

    We are hoping that all of these will be over soon. But businesses that want to retain their customers as well as maintain their brand reputation will know better than to not take customer support seriously. Here at One Contact Center, our work from home strategy has helped us safeguard the safety and well-being of our staff members so we can better support you and your business during this time.

    Through our usual way of sincere care and creative thinking, we have been able to perfect our work from home strategy in a way that has had little to no effect on normal business operations. Your small business can also take a cue from us and many of the other innovative companies that are still finding a way to help their clients during these tough times.

    How to Support Your Customers During a Pandemic

    From our experience as well as those of many other innovation-driven businesses out there, we’ll recommend five key factors for small businesses to help them deliver excellent customer service during and after this coronavirus pandemic. These include;

    1. Taking Care of Your Staff

    Start by listening to employee feedback and suggestions and find a way to keep them healthy. Our adoption of “work from home” is a perfect example. Adopt similar strategies or at the very least, ensure strict social distancing measures. If your staff are not in good shape and health, your customers will suffer.

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    2. Encourage Sharing and Communication

    Encourage proper communication and knowledge sharing among staff members so they can always stay current.Transparent Team Communication: Why and How to Embrace It - BlogIn

    3. Improve your BCP Strategy

    Your BCP is your Business Continuity Plan, if you don’t have one already, you may find it quite difficult to adapt. Can your business survive with its staff working from home? If this is something you’ve been trying, it’s time to perfect it.

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    4. Reach Out and Help People

    The whole world is suffering from the consequences of the pandemic we never really prepared for. This is a time we all need all the help we can get. Consider reaching out and helping your community overcome this challenge in any way you can help.

    Woodbury |

    For small businesses, this is a time to let goodness prevail in business.

    This is a time to show your human side and help the world heal itself. That said, you can contact One Contact Center for everything that relates to customer support whether via phone calls, emails, text messages, chat, etc. We are all in this together, and hopefully, we’ll all be here together when it all ends.

    Call 1-888-680-1663 or 1-818-337-1271. 


    Rennilyn Flores

    Written by Rennilyn Flores

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