5 Ways to Support  Local Small Businesses

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    Small Business Support

    If you agree that small businesses are the mainstay of any economy, then you’ll also agree that, right now, more than ever, there’s a great need to support the small businesses in your local neighborhoods. And if you’re wondering just how you can do this, this post will help you get started!


    Buy from Local Businesses


    There are many advantages to buying from local businesses.

    Rather than purchase at big box stores or nationally owned businesses, you’ll be able to keep the money in your community. Local businesses tend to also purchase from other local businesses. This means you’ll maintain cash flow in your community while also growing your local tax base. Besides, these people actually know you and will appreciate your patronage more in these challenging times.


    Write Great Reviews for Your Favorite Businesses


    We know it could be challenging to deliver an awesome customer experience during the pandemic. Here at One Contact Center, everything we do is aimed at helping our clients, some of whom include businesses in our community win with stellar customer experiences.

    So, we understand how customer reviews and testimonials could make a big difference. If you care about the businesses serving your local neighborhoods, you may take the step to leave positive reviews of your experience here to help others in your neighborhoods.


    Shop More Online


    Many of your local businesses offer online shopping. This can be more convenient at a time like this. Not only will this help you and the people at your local businesses reduce exposure, but it can also help save you significant stress, and money, even.


    Order Takeouts and Delivery


    The food, hospitality, and airline industries suffered a great deal from the coronavirus.

    Many of these sectors are just recovering from the sudden hit so whatever support they get will go a long way. Local restaurant businesses in your area might be offering takeout and delivery services now that eating out has become some sort of risk. If this is available, why not treat yourself to sumptuous meals? Enjoy yourself and support your community in the process.


    Purchase Gift Cards for Later


    Many businesses have been on temporary shutdowns to comply with government regulations to stem the pandemic. However many of these local businesses still need cash flow to offset certain recurrent expenses. If these businesses sell gift cards, you could use this opportunity to support them while setting up yourself for enjoyment at a later date. It could be date nights, spa treatments, lunch with friends, or just about any service on offer you could use.



    For us at One Contact Center, the community is everything.

    A brief look through our Corporate Citizenship page will help you get a clearer picture of just how dear we hold our community to heart. We’re in the business of creating positive experiences and we never miss a chance to spread the same positivity in our local neighborhoods. We implore you too to help support businesses in your community now that they need this help the most. By doing so, you’re also helping your neighborhood’s economic growth.


    One Contact Center

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    We can help your business grow to new heights. Contact us today to get started or find out more about how we can help!

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