5 Ways Contact Center Outsourcing Helps Drive Revenue and Increase Profitability

    May 5, 2021 2:19:05 PM One Contact Center

    Drive revenue and increase profits

    Customer service and sales are becoming increasingly interconnected. This is spurred in part by the increasing digitalization of our world with the average consumer now having access to a wealth of information than ever before. 

    • In the face of growing competition, businesses need to leverage customer service as a competitive edge. 
    • And in the same vein, contact centers have turned out to be an integral part of the customer service experience. 

    While assembling an in-house contact center team could prove a tough challenge for many companies, outsourcing call center services to a reliable agency like One Contact Center could help boost your business’s profitability —in five particular ways;

    1. Low/No Capital Investment

    If there’s one thing that gets most businesses to outsource their telemarketing services needs, it would be the prospect of enjoying all of the benefits without the huge upfront costs. 

    You won’t have to invest in insanely expensive technologies and systems. Your contact center partner will most likely be entirely responsible for everything from chat to VoIP, online support on your website, etc. You also won’t have to bother with scheduling software costs and the costs of setting up call monitoring systems or interactive training systems, for instance. 

    Regardless of the scope of services you need, not having to invest huge costs in infrastructure or assembling a team will leave you with more capital for other growth-focused investments. 

    1. Lower Call Handling Costs

    Most SMEs and startups will benefit from the low costs and expenses of their call center services compared to if these were managed by an internal team.

    There’s a significantly lower cost per call and per order. In most cases, the entire cost per transaction is lower and you won’t have to put up with the expensive running costs of an in-house call center team. 

    1. Reduced Cost of Hiring and Training

    According to  ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage survey, 69% of employers are finding it challenging to fill job roles with qualified talents. 

    Hiring and recruiting have never been this difficult over the past decade. So, having to assemble a team from scratch will require considerable time and financial investments. Fortunately, outsourcing helps you avoid these almost entirely. 

    1. Flexibility and Support for Overflow

    You get more flexibility when you partner with a contact center.

    There could be moments when you’ll have to deal with more than expected call volumes. According to a Consumer Reports survey, about 75% of customers will be ‘annoyed’ if they can’t reach someone on the phone within a reasonable amount of time. 

    While ‘reasonable time’ could mean different things to different people, the flexibility of the best contact centers means your customers won’t be abandoning phone calls or shopping carts due to delayed support. 

    1. More Focus and Priority on Core Competencies

    Many times, businesses fall victim to either under-investing and being plagued with subpar contact center infrastructure or simply lack qualified hands to handle this critical aspect of the business. This is different when you outsource to a call center. 

    Not only will this mean better quality of service for your customers but it will also leave management with more time and human resources to focus on other important things. This could mean developing products as well as identifying new opportunities and investing in other growth initiatives. 


    With a reliable contact center like what we have here at One Contact Center, your contact center of choice could well be your profit center. 

    If you carefully analyze all of the issues and costs raised here, you’ll find that the case for call center outsourcing is strong —and it could be what your business needs to launch its next phase of growth and profitability with superior customer experience. 


    One Contact Center helps businesses and organizations boost their capability with call center and customer support services. 

    Wondering how we could bring more value to your business? Contact us today! We’ll be more than happy to help. 


    One Contact Center

    Written by One Contact Center

    One Contact Center is a minority-owned call center / BPO company that helps companies navigate through this Pandemic by providing customer experience services that improve market shares, brand loyalty and customer retention while reducing costs by up to 70%.

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