5 Tips to Protect Your Mental Health amid the Chaos

    Dec 27, 2022 4:55:20 PM One Contact Center Mental Health, OCCTips

    Protect Your Mental Health

    Ginger, an on-demand mental health provider, released new statistics compiled from a survey after its Second Annual Workforce Attitudes Report. The statistics are startling;

    • Almost 70% of workers feel they are more stressed now than at any other point throughout their entire career.
    • 43% of workers say they’ve experienced illnesses resulting from work-related stress. And;
    • 93% of employees working from home say they’ve felt moderate to extreme stress.

    Chances are you may find your mental health impacted by the uncertainty of these times. It’s scary to think of, but here are five (5) cool and fun tips to help you find mental health balance amidst the chaos.

    1. Stop and Breathe

    We work and move all day, doing chores and working non-stop. Why don’t we stop and take time to breathe? Stopping and breathing is a good way to maintain a sense of calm in our work when the stress is high, and even when we are just at home and we feel stressed.

    2. Do More of the Things You Enjoy

    Stress, pressure, and more could take a toll on your mental health. But doing the fun things you enjoy can be a great way to fight this. For many people, this can range from taking a walk to painting, watching a particular TV show, etc.

    Doing those things you like to do is likely going to keep you happier and less irritable. And being happy more often is going to boost your mental health.

    3. Learn New Skills

    Several studies have shown that taking on new challenges may positively impact your mental health and well-being. While this might connect you with more people, it can also help you develop a sense of purpose and boost your self-esteem in the process.

    Time might seem like a luxury you can’t afford but creating as little as a few minutes or hours per day to learn something new can go a long way to help boost your mental and emotional well-being.

    4. Connect with Other People

    Relationships can impact your mental health.

    So, it’s always a great thing to connect more with great people. It can help boost your sense of belonging, create an opportunity to share your experiences with others, and even offer emotional leverage and support that goes both ways.

    Little things like spending more time with your family, date nights, hanging out with friends, lunch with colleagues, and volunteering at your schools or hospitals will create more than enough opportunities to connect with other people within and outside your circle.

    5. Engage in Physical Activities

    Staying active can help boost both physical and mental fitness.

    Running, swimming, dancing, cycling, and many other activities will help in this regard. Even people with some disabilities can still find great ways to stay active with different kinds of exercises. This can help with setting goals and challenges you’ll aim to meet. More so, science says it can trigger the release of certain chemicals or hormones in your brain that can boost your mood positively.

    Your mental health is important now, more than ever.

    These fun and easy tips can give you a significant boost than you can imagine. They can also help you fight off work-related stress, depression, and some of those things that could trigger mental or emotional imbalance in individuals.


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