5 Tips to Help Inspire Your Innate Creativity During the Pandemic

    Feb 22, 2022 4:52:00 PM One Contact Center Tips, New Normal, creativity

    Creativity During Pandemic

    The pandemic continues to impact our lives in ways no one ever imagined. Many workers have had to work from home because of this. Finding an inner drive to stay motivated for real success can be quite challenging in instances like this . The tips below will, however, help inspire your innate creativity!

    1. Embrace and Hone Your Natural Talents

    Everyone has some form of innate creativity.

    It will, however, take some actions or occurrences to ignite the sparks of creativity in us. While we’re holed up inside due to social distancing, embracing and honing in on your natural talents can help boost creativity that can spill into other areas of our lives.

    Whether you like painting, playing the piano, writing poetry, etc., you can consider trying your hands on any of these things to pick up where you once left. With significant consistency and accountability, you’ll be surprised at the results you can get.

    2. Record Your Ideas

    The fusion of creativity and productivity is needed to bring your best ideas to life. With creativity, there are aha moments why your creative insights shine through.

    Ideas will flow through your mind during your creative moments.

    Make it a duty to record these ideas by writing them down inside a book, entering them inside an app on your phone or laptop, or just about any other way to store the information. When you have these ideas recorded down, planning further actions and decisions is always much easier.

    3. Experiment with New Ideas

    Experimentation and inspiration can give birth to moments of creativity.

    While you’re separated socially, you can consider experimenting with your ideas, inventing new things, or taking on unfamiliar challenges. As with most of the good things in life, trials and errors will often lead you to the point of success. While trying to make changes or try new things, chances are you’ll discover something new or useful along the way.

    4. Dedicate Time for Meditation

    According to BBC, the brain is most innovative when it’s resting.

    This means that little moments of idleness and quiet reflection can help create sparks in your head. Taking this a step further, as meditation, can help make a big difference.

    The process helps ease off tension, release fears, and give you time with yourself. Once your mind is in a state of relaxation and focus, the flow of creativity will be much more dynamic.

    5. Find Inspiration with Good Music

    According to Berkeley, music helps promote divergent thinking.

    That study tries to explain how music helps in boosting creative thinking. This fact is down to the potential of happy music to improve learning, memory, and cognition, as shown in several studies. The happy songs you like can help boost your mood. In fact, some people find that their creative drive increases when listening to music while they are working. If this works for you, why not do it?

    Social distancing can mess with your mental health.

    The stress of being separated from the outside world can take a toll on your creativity levels, impact your work performance and productivity, as well as other aspects of your life. But you can still find some inspiration with some or all of the tips above, even while you’re holed up indoors and separated from family, friends, and work colleagues.

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