Why Customer Feedback Is Important Plus 5 Effective Ways to Get It

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    Companies that collect and analyze customer feedback get to understand the pain points and core needs of their community. This is necessary to see which of their business strategies are getting positive results as well as where improvements are needed.

    Customer feedback is super important

    How well you’re able to do this will impact customer retention, customer loyalty, and ultimately, the long-term growth of your business. However, in collecting feedback, the sheer volume of possibilities available can easily overwhelm anyone.

    How can you effectively collect customer feedback?

    If you’ve been contemplating what the best strategies and tactics are for collecting and analyzing customer feedback, this post discusses seven of the most effective of such strategies.

    1. Social Media


    This is a huge reservoir of feedback that should not be left untapped by any customer-centric business. Directs comments, as well as mentions, are some of the easiest ways to get customer feedback on social networks, but these are not everything. Some social channels such as Instagram even have in-built polling tools that can be used as surveys.

    1. Customer feedback surveys


    There are tons of questions you can ask customers that could help you improve their experience. This could be developed into surveys which could be short or long.

    While short surveys are best for specific issues, the longer traditional types are best for more sophisticated insights. There are several tools out there that can help with this.

    It’s however important to

    • Make survey questions thoughtful and open-ended
    • Avoid complicated questions that don’t meet your goals, etc
    1. Usability tests


    Usability tests are aimed at refining design and feature details so customers can get the best possible experience. This is not limited to web products alone. It can be applied to virtually every product or service that involves customers.

    Usability tests help businesses uncover minor and major issues that may need adjustments that may go on to make a huge difference to customer experience.

    1. Email/customer contact forms

    Email is probably the most prominent support channel for most businesses. This makes it one of the easiest channels for companies looking to gather candid feedback from their clients.

    With every, every single interaction is an opportunity to get feedback. It’s however better to set clear expectations for customers so they can know when to expect a response from you.

    You can send personalized messages requesting customer feedback and also manage and organize the feedback collected, to make the data gathered worth it.

    1. Website feedback


    Tools like Beacon that can be easily embedded into your website can help you gather data without asking questions. Things like this can help you understand customer experience so you can know exactly where improvements are most needed.

    Every business should listen to their customers.

    Collecting feedback on their experience is a great way to continue to improve service experience. The responsibility starts with the customer support team. The support team should take every interaction as an opportunity to gather feedback on the real experiences of customers with the company. But this data should also be acted upon to improve customer experience, going forward.


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