How to Adapt Recruiting to COVID-19

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    This pandemic has already forced millions out of work and at the same time opening new roles and challenges for HR and recruiting teams. While COVID-19 threatens every area of business and work, recruiting is one key aspect you’ll never want to abandon as the need for hiring and talent acquisition will still be key for business success and continuity.

    We have compiled this post to help you understand how to adapt your recruiting strategies for success in the era of the coronavirus. Leggo!

    1. Improve Your Employer Brand

    A lot of hiring and rehiring will need to be done.

    To attract the best talents, efforts should be made to make your employer brand more relevant, credible, and distinctive. Employers should come across as supportive and empathetic, considering the times we are in. These efforts should include leveraging web, social, and other digital platforms to shape how candidates view your company in order to leverage this advantage for your staffing and recruitment processes.

    1. Consider Remote Working

    Remote working has been dragging on for some time, and the pandemic has given this a further push. While only about 7% of US employees were working from home before the pandemic happened, a recent Gallup research revealed that about 62% of US workers now work from home due to the coronavirus. While hiring remote employees could be quite challenging, recruiters should nevertheless put plans in place for passive recruitment strategies and to accommodate remote working skills. Not only will this reduce job loss and boost productivity, it could also provide an edge for recruiters in a labor market where 54% of workers are now willing to quit their jobs for one that allows them to work remotely.

    1. Make Informed Decisions

    HR teams and recruitment professionals will have to make certain decisions that could impact the company’s hiring and staffing needs. It’s very important to leverage accurate facts and data to help you make better-informed decisions while comparing and contrasting strategies. Professionals should not shy away from using the necessary tools and resources for analytics to ascertain what works and what doesn’t.

    1. Improve Candidate Engagement and Nurturing

    Employers need to find ways to continue nurturing relationships with their candidates to increase their odds of acceptance and success in a COVID-disrupted labor market. Developing nurturing programs and creating a brand community, among other things will help keep candidates engage throughout and after the recruiting process. This will also prove vital towards building a talent pipeline that never runs dry.

    1. Create a Plan for Communication

    Whether it’s dealing with prospective candidates or furloughed workers you’re planning to bring back on board, later on, ensuring genuine communications will help ensure that people feel valued. This will also help ensure the company engages its people (both workers and candidates) and never loses existing relationships. This will also help improve the employer brand as well, so the company can also benefit from improved brand reputation and credibility.


    Communication can come in different ways, from providing support to offering enough information for candidates and employees. For support, smart businesses, especially small and medium-sized companies engage the services of dedicated outsourcing agencies like One Contact Center to ensure positive experiences for candidates, employees, clients, and more. Your business, as well as its recruiting team, could benefit from this to improve candidate experience and maintain stability in a COVID-hit job market.

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    Armando Castro - Executive Vice President | Chief Diversity Officer

    Written by Armando Castro - Executive Vice President | Chief Diversity Officer

    Experienced Business Process Outsourcing Executive with 25 + years progressive experience building, Growing and leading global call center operations and 10+ years building, developing and leading high-performing recruitment teams in hyper-growth environments. Passion for creating and innovating full-cycle recruitment processes in sourcing, marketing, assessment, candidate experience and onboarding across multiple locations and functional divisions globally. Email: Phone Number: 1(513) 510 0604