Customer Success Versus Customer Support

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    A close look at the definitions will open your eyes to the underlying differences.

    While customer support teams have to receive queries they have to respond to, customer success teams go all out to discuss and strategize.

    The objectives also differ as are the approaches. Support teams hope to resolve client issues while the customer success teams have to focus on helping clients achieve the needed outcomes throughout the customer journey.

    The metrics have stark differences as well. Support teams are measured on metrics like the quality of service provided, customer satisfaction, and resolution times. The customer success team deals with different metrics like customer retention and overall lifetime value, etc.

    Both of these roles require professionals with a vivid understanding of the customer, resourcefulness, and empathy. Both roles, however, require different skills and discipline.

    Customer support span engineering, marketing, and the operations team while customer success teams are usually more consultative and diverse.

     And then, customer support should be more of a business feature since customers will always have issues that need urgent resolutions. Customer success, on the other hand, is more of a value-added service to help boost expansion, as well as business revenue and growth.

    Customer Support & Customer Success Should Work Together

    Although each team assumes different responsibilities and sets out to achieve different goals, they both hope to cover important areas that will create beautiful experiences for your customers in the end.

    It is therefore important to group both teams together to synergistically achieve more success. Rather than field both teams as different departments, both roles are better being in a single team where they will be able to function better.

    This will even be of immense benefit to your customers as they’ll feel everyone operates right from the same team. It can also be very helpful in enhancing customer trust and loyalty in your brand from the first impression down to the last interaction.

    Through all the similarities and differences, efficient customer support and customer success teams will help create many happy moments for your customers. In today’s business world, you’ll need this either to stay in business or to give you an edge to successfully compete with competitors.


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    Written by Rennilyn Flores