9 + 1 Important Skills for Customer Service

    What skills should leaders look out for when hiring employees for customer service roles? Well, the good thing about skills is that they are easily observable and can be honed and developed.

    Why Customer Feedback Is Important Plus 5 Effective Ways to Get It

    Companies that collect and analyze customer feedback get to understand the pain points and core needs of their community. This is necessary to see which of their business strategies are getting positive results as well as where improvements are needed.

    5 Customer Service Strategies to Supercharge Your E-commerce Business

    The e-commerce industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent times.

    Supercharge Your Customer Service Strategy With These 25 Facts & Statistics

    The digital revolution continues to cause notable changes and shifts in customer attitudes and expectations. While customer service teams are also expected to adapt and rejig their strategies to meet modern needs, it’s always helpful to have facts and figures available to help teams make informed decisions. Right below are some of our top picks for the best customer service facts, statistics, and quotes.

    Understanding Your Customers: 7 Things Most Customers Wish You Know!

    Understanding your customers will help you tailor your service to meet their growing expectations. While there’s no general blueprint to understanding customer behavior and expectations. Researches in the field of social psychology have proved very helpful in this regard. Check out some of the revelations that have been uncovered with these studies. 

    Customer Success Versus Customer Support

    A close look at the definitions will open your eyes to the underlying differences.

    What Outsourced Customer Service Providers Can Do for Your Business?

    Why Your Healthcare Brand Needs OCC’s Top-line Services?

    At One Contact Center we understand why the health insurance industry is such a global strength. The need to offer excellent customer experience to customers in this industry still remains sacrosanct.

    Improve Your Customer Interaction with These Customer Service Phrases

    Knowing what to say when you have to say it can be really nice especially when you’re customer support personnel interacting with a customer.

    Building Customer Loyalty for Your Small Business

    Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Indeed, if you create an army of loyal customers and keep them happy, your business will thrive.