Delivering Customer Experience in the Face of the Coronavirus Outbreak

     Tough times demand tough measures.

    Maintaining Business Resilience in the Face of a Pandemic

    According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, businesses across the world are scrambling for workers to help attend to and filter out customer calls during this pandemic.

    How to Hire High-Performing Customer Service Employees to Work Remotely

    If your business is like most others, you’re probably seeing an upsurge in customer service demands amid the coronavirus. Chances are you’ll need to hire more customer service representatives to work remotely in a bid to ramp up your customer service efforts.

    How to Adapt Recruiting to COVID-19

    This pandemic has already forced millions out of work and at the same time opening new roles and challenges for HR and recruiting teams. While COVID-19 threatens every area of business and work, recruiting is one key aspect you’ll never want to abandon as the need for hiring and talent acquisition will still be key for business success and continuity.

    COVID-19: Redefining Customer Experience to Drive Growth in Healthcare

    Mastering the Art and Science of Great Communication to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Boost Brand Image

    Convert Prospects Into Customers Using These Simple Psychological Tricks

    Two things will help you play a big role in helping you convert prospects into loyal customers. Without mincing words, you’ll need to have a good grasp on customer behavior while also understanding what problems your consumer base really wants your business to solve. While it seems simple, these two things will make a big difference! 

    Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Through Customer Service Solutions

    How Does Bad Customer Service Destroy Your Business

    Are you part of those who usually see customer service as just another cost of doing business? It should delight you that not only can this appear rewarding for your customers; it actually can impact your bottom line too. You can hardly get away with bad customer service except for the airline sector -maybe. It’s become an industry thing.

    WHY Engage Your Customers Through Live Chat and Email Support?

    Customer support is very crucial to the growth of any business. It helps to build trust and credibility as much as it helps to ensure clients are satisfied. There are a variety of ways through which businesses offer support to their customers. These include popular platforms such as social media, phone calls, emails, as well as chat support.