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    Back-office activities can be unpleasant, but they are crucial. Whether you're providing customers with the right documentation, make payments, change accounts, or organize product notifications, errors cause frustrated and irritated users and additional pressure on the contact center.

    From the customer's point of view, the back office requirements seem simple and clear. Examples are the insured that have bought a new car and are updating their data or a utility user that changes the payment method. However, many back office processes are still useful and ineffective, or are used in silo-based systems, which increase time and effort, thus increasing administrative costs. Mixing with thousands, if not millions, customers who have a large organization and scale impact on the bottom line are clear.

    One way to reduce these costs and improve the user experience is to integrate different back-office systems and connect with a professional customer service team from One Contact Center. This creates a continuous workflow with integrated processes that place the customer at the center of the process and reduce costs. Here are two examples of how our customers implement their back office:

    1. Ensure a stand-alone back-office. Clients do not really want to call you just to make minor changes to their account or request information. This makes it easier to access networks and make their own changes, automate the process, save time, and increase efficiency.

    Customers can create medium-term online customization like changing a car or adding a new driver by completing a transaction form that automatically occurs and gives agents all the information they need to calculate the price or change the policy. The ability to pay customers online for a policy change or balance sheet provides a complete full version without the need for contact center interaction. This option now requires a third (34%) of the total monthly payments and increases the yield by 11%, which directly affects the fund.

    2. Break Silo switching between the departments to combat the response thwarts the users and adds organizational costs. This is often the case because individual team members can only see part of the process, which is made up of several back offices, each with its own systems and processes.

    Without creating them into a qualified back-office area, it brings tremendous benefits. Our system comes with all interactions that cover customer service (e-mail, letters and social media), administration (order forms, ad-hoc literature requirements), delivery tracking, payment approvals and complaints. This not only resulted in cost savings but also customer satisfaction. At the same time, team morale increases as they have a wider range of tasks that are completed, increasing their range of skills and avoiding potential boredom.

    Both examples show that back-office integration with business offices provides business, customer and employee services for front-office users. No matter what industry you are, now is the time to break the silo and focus the processes inconspicuously, effectively, and on the needs of the customer.



    At One Contact Center, we specialize in back office services including, but not limited to payroll preparation, accounting and website design, optimization and social media and other administrative tasks.

    Since inception in 2000, One Contact Center has provided professional and high quality back office and other outsourcing services to many business owners in the United States and Canada. Our corporate office is in Van Nuys, California and our operating center is in Manila, Philippines, which has a capacity for up to 1,700 seats. Our office infrastructure is highly secured and redundant in terms of power supply and high speed internet connectivity. To ensure the security and confidentiality of all data, all our agents’ calls are recorded and all keyboard logs are tracked. In addition, OCC has closed circuit monitoring throughout the facility.

    So for all your back office and outsourcing service needs, One Contact Center is the company to call. We can significantly  improve your customer service experience and, at the same time, cut your operating cost by up to 60%. We ranked #1 in Customer Service  support in a  prestigious 3rd party benchmark study for two years in a row. We also offer customer service, social media, email and chat support.

    Rennilyn Flores

    Written by Rennilyn Flores